About Me
Hello! Welcome to my own personal site. I am a Carnegie Mellon University undergraduate, class of 2019, majoring in Mathematics, with an additional major in Statistics & Machine Learning, and a minor in Computer Science.
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Here's a link to my resume.
15-122 Teaching Assistant (Spring Semester 2017 - Present)
CMU School of Computer Science

I love being able to mentor others in the subjects I am passionate about. My responsibilities as a teaching assistant involve grading homework and exams, leading weekly lab sessions, and helping students with homework or conceptual problems in office hours.

Data Scientist (Sept. 2014 - Aug. 2015)

I created R scripts for statistical analyses on sales data in order to predict which prospective customers will buy from our clients' sales team. I also developed a company specific library of R functions to assist in developing statistical models for our clients and presented analysis results to current and potential investors.

Hypercubes Research

I am currently being advised by David Offner for math research on hypercubes. A coloring of the $l$-dimensional faces of a hypercube $Q_n$ is called $d$-polychromatic if every embedded $Q_d$ has every color on at least one face. Denote $p^{l}_d$ as the maximum number of colors such that any $Q_n$ can be colored in this way. My current venture is determining a lower bound for $p^{l}_d$ for $l > 1$ that is better than current known ones.

Transcribe & Disseminate Public Safety Transmissions in Real Time

Winner of the Harris Award at HackCMU 2015.

Walkthrough on Building an Algorithmic Trading Strategy

Practical Data Science (15-388) final project.

NBA Data Extraction & Visualization Tutorial

Practical Data Science (15-388) tutorial project.

Game of Go Engine + Basic AIs

Fundamentals of Programming and CS (15-112) term project.

  • 21-355 Real Analysis I
  • 21-260 Differential Equations
  • 21-373 Algebraic Structures
  • 21-325 Probability
  • 21-269 Vector Analysis
  • 21-242 Matrix Theory
Computer Science
  • 15-210 Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms
  • 15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems
  • 15-388 Practical Data Science
  • 15-251 Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science
  • 36-350 Statistical Computing *
  • 36-401 Modern Regression
  • 36-402 Advanced Data Analysis *
Machine Learning
  • 10-601 Machine Learning (Masters)
  • 10-701 Machine Learning (PhD) *
* Enrolled Spring 2018